Aglets - A compressed tip at the ends of your shoelaces which allows you to thread the laces easily.


Boots - Boots are closed up to the ankle and higher, helping you define the best parts of your legs


Chunky heels - This is a thickset high-heeled shoe, often worn with spring dresses and cropped pants, which shows off your calves.

Cap toes - This added tip is made from various fabrics and sewn on to the front of the shoe, for an additional touch of style



Espadrilles - The espadrille is made of a rope or woven trim in the heel area and a canvas or material overlay and is always a popular choice for summer.


French heels - A thicker version of the kitten heel, the French variety also sports a smaller, curved heel for a hint of personal style

Flip-flops - These are fun, easy-to-wear flat sandals with a thong running between the toes, leaving the back of the foot bare.

Flats - For the woman who has practicality in mind, flats are perfect as they have no heel. Think ballet pumps, slippers, loafers and brogues.



High heels - Any shoe with a heel over 6 cm is a high heel, which is the best way to show off your legs and accentuate your curves.




Kitten heels - This small, slim-hipped heel has a slight, vintage-inspired curve at the base, breaking away from the flat heel and offering you comfort.


Low heels - Low heels are generally just off the ground, offering you a practical way to enjoy the benefits of wearing heels, without having to balance on them.

Loafers - This slip-on is closed up to the ankle and generally flat but sometimes comes with a slight heel, making them comfortable and easy to walk in.

Lining - Inside the shoe, you’ll find a layer of fabric, synthetic fabric or leather to protect your feet. This is the lining.


Mule - An old French-style unisex shoe, typically made with an open toe and heel, which helps keep your feet cool and breezy in summer.

Moccasins - These stylish slippers are usually made from high-quality fabrics and have a warm, soft lining which is both comfortable and cosy.

Medium heels - Mid-range heels, have half a heel (1,5–6 cm) – giving you extra lift at work or when out.

Mary Janes - This shoe is built on a low heel with a strap that crosses its instep, almost like a girl’s school shoe, making any outift instantly adorable!




Pumps - These shoes are typically styled like a ballet shoe and often come with a floral decal or bow. They’re cute, easy to put on and perfect for long days spent walking.

Platforms - The platform differs from a conventional heel as its entire sole is elevated, not just the heel. Wearing them means a taller, more statuesque you.

Peep-toes - These open-toed shoes and sandals give freedom to the front of your feet, and help add a bit of fifties glamour into your everyday footwear collection.




Stilettos - This type of shoe is defined by its extremely high, thin heel. Put on a pair for the chance to gain a few centimeters and add some sass to your wardrobe this season.

Stacked heels - This heel is usually built up from laminated strips of wood. It can create a squared-off wedge, flat or tapered effect, making it easy to walk on and available in a variety of styles.

Slingbacks - These are shoes with straps behind the ankles. You'll often find slingbacks in the form of a dressy sandal that’s perfect for work or play.

Sandals - These open-toed shoes are usually strappy with strips of thong, leather or fabric running across the front of the foot – truly comfortable and cool.


Thongs - This open-toed sandal has a thong that runs between the big and second toe, making it the perfect shoe to slip on easily before shopping or a trip to the beach.

Tapered heels - This curvy heel starts out thick at the top, and slims down to a point for comfortable balance with the good looks of a high heel.

T-bars - Also known as the T-strap, these are shoes with a middle buckle or bridging strap that creates a T-shape, helping to showcase your ankles, slimming the look of your calves.




Wedges - This heel serves as an extension to the base of a shoe, creating a full, triangular heel that’s reminiscent of the 1930s and comfortable to walk in.