finding the right shoe size for you and your family

Looking great shouldn’t have to be a pain and won’t be if you’re slipping into footwear that’s the right size for your feet! In the wrong fit your shoes will wear and tear easily, so it’s important to measure your feet and then find your local and international sizes. This is why we’ve put together this handy guide and shoe size converter!

Shoe size conversion: determining the right shoe sizes for you and your family

If you’re not sure of your shoe size, you can follow these three easy measurement steps:

1. Place a piece of paper on the ground and stand on it with your weight slightly forward to make sure your foot is flat.

2. Draw a line behind your heel and another line in front of your longest toe. Don’t worry, it’s common to have one foot be longer than the other, so use the longer foot to measure.

3. Measure the distance between the two lines in centimeters and find your measurement on the size chart to get your best fit. Round up if your size falls in-between.